A few days ago Vanesa came to the studio and, as usual, we had a great session.  While going through her proofs I noticed this image, and something about it grabbed me.

It’s just a transition, it’s not a pole move or a difficult trick, it’s just a moment between two points.

But I thought…

What if?

I rotated the image a bit, so that Vanesa was the vertical element:

That seemed right, but as a result of the rotation the corners were outside the image.  Before sinking too much time into the idea, I quickly bumped up the brightness a bit, exported it to my editor, and filled in the corners:

Yup, this just might work.  I like the overall feel.  The composition is nice, the corners were surprisingly easy to fill, and it’s time to do it for real.

I made some more tweaks to the image.  The sides were darkened a bit so the background was more consistent, and there’s some colour tweaking and a little more contrast on the body.

Export to the editor, fill in the corners, remove some bruises, and…

Sometimes it just works out as easily as that.