NFG* is a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. He specializes in action photography – gymnasts, dancers and athletes of all kinds. He has been honing his photographic skills since 1995, has been shooting in Brisbane since 2005, and quit his day job in favour of this lunatic profession in 2011.

NFG maintains a studio on the west side of Brisbane. It’s large enough for a troupe, a team, a group or even a flock. It has a 45mm spinning brass pole for the pole dancing, and a special ceiling beam from which circus and other apparatus can be hung.

You can come to NFG, or NFG can come to you. Rates can be negotiated by the time, the job, or per person.

NFG is your all singin’ all dancin’ photo guy!**

* NFG has a real name, but most people call him NFG.

** NFG does not sing or dance.