I’ve launched a new website called ERO-SKY which is devoted to the human body’s beauty. It’s where I will be posting all of my art nudes, shibari rope bondage work, and other sexier things.

It’s been obvious for a while that my nude and bondage work was off-putting for some people, but I was still really proud of it and didn’t want to just throw it all away. Too many amazing people have trusted me to capture their beauty and grace and strength to just box it up forever. So when I made the decision to pull all the nudes from nfgphoto.com…

ERO-SKY was created for a different purpose a year or so ago, but I was struggling to really make it work. It didn’t have a really good reason to exist, but suddenly I needed a home for my nude works, and lo, I had one ready to go.

Here’s what I wrote on the new site:

I want ERO-SKY to be full of beauty in a world that needs more of it right now. Nudity is fun, bodies are beautiful, and I want to experiment with a kind of photography that I didn’t have the skills for before.

This is to be a fun journey, an adventure, an exciting time. I want to create amazing things and share it with the world. And, sometimes, create things that only a lucky few get to see.

Currently the content on ERO-SKY is all new, shot specifically for this new brand. Soon enough I’ll be bringing the best of my other nude works to the site.

So now there are three brands:

NFGphoto, for action and athletic photography
NFGphoto PURE, for athletic nudes
ERO-SKY, for the thrill and excitement of being naked and beautiful.

Please expect beautiful things.