How does a body get shredded like this? Read on, I’ll tell you. ^_^

I met Kat for the first time when she came to the NFGstudio for a Pantheon Project shoot. We had a good time and we found a mutual interest in doing silly things outdoors.

And so we headed out to a couple of pretty places and things went pretty well. The sun didn’t want to come out and light up the grassy field as I’d hoped, but this cover worked well when we got to the Martian rocks.

The shoot was full-on when it came to the hardware. I hauled out some tripods, lights and umbrellas, used three different lenses including the fisheye, the Theta 360° camera, and the drone for both video and aerial shots. The result is a really great variety of images, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

And we’re already talking about the next one. ^_^

Of course, Patreon supporters get bonus photos (and $5 patrons get even more). =)

This first image was one of the first taken. It was a cold winter morning, the grass was dripping wet with dew, and I asked Kat to lie down in it while I flew a shrieking, wind-blowing drone over her a dozen times.

To her credit, she didn’t die. The complaining, though. Hoo boy, can she complain. 😉

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