I recently picked up a new lens, a Sigma Art 14mm and it’s the most amazing lens I’ve ever used. So when I went to Japan in November, it was the only lens I used. It’s stupidly sharp and wide enough to capture half the earth in every shot.

And we went to some beautiful places, so here they are!

This is the ocean near a suspension bridge, built solely so they could say they had a suspension bridge. Shizuoko prefecture, not far from Shimoda.

A couple of shots of that temple in Asakusa. I haven’t been there since I first went to Japan c. 2005, so it was … Well it’s a tourist magnet and it’s just packed with slow walking people and I didn’t enjoy it much. But we went out for a traditional (ie: crazy expensive) meal in a tiny old restaurant (not shown) where the beef just melted on your tongue and that I do recommend.

All of these next shots came from Haruna shrine, in Gunma prefecture. If you visit, you’ll drive up that road from Initial D and that’s a lot of fun if you don’t get stuck behind a delivery van.

Not far from here is a cave, one of the largest in the Kanto (Tokyo) area. It wasn’t really great so I won’t bore you with it, but there was another pointless suspension bridge outside it, and there are some pics of that. 😉

And a whole lot of leaves because it was Autumn and man, I miss the colours. Australia doesn’t really do this. It was beautiful.

And finally, a shot from Shibuya station, not far from that scramble crossing everyone loves so much.