Creative Commons is an alternative to copyright, and allows the artist (me) to choose under what terms my work can be used. My model release has always had a CC-licensing component, and it’s hereby official:

The Release: All the images I’ve ever released smaller than 1500 pixels wide or tall is distributed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license. Higher resolution images are not licensed this way.

The Reason: I believe in a free, sharing society. I want to be a contributor, I want to make lives better, and easier.

What This Means: You can freely use any photo I’ve released, as long as it is smaller than 1500 pixels on the longest edge, for anything you like. Body reference, sketching, painting, background, use in your own works, commercial products, whatever, without asking my permission, without charge, with only one restriction.

The Restriction: You must credit me, with a link to where possible. This credit should accompany the image, for example in the description of your post, in the small print of your product, on the image, whatever. Something like “Image by NFGphoto (” is all you need to do. This is not optional. This is a requirement of the license.

It’l be super awesome if you send me anything you create with my photos, but that’s optional.

Go, create stuff. <3


(Shortcut to the gallery but this license applies to all my photos. Here, Instagram or DeviantArt or wherever.)