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Thanks for shooting with NFG!

If any part of this release is unclear please ask NFG for clarification.

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Identification & Tagging (Non-Nude)

The best photos from our session may be placed online. NFG will take the utmost care with your images, but once they're online it is impossible to know who views, saves, modifies or re-distributes your images. Do you understand this?

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Identification & Tagging (Nude)

If we've made any revealing or nude images, indicate your sharing preferences below. Images with visible nipples or genitalia can not be shared on Instagram or Facebook, but may be shared on nfgphoto.com or other sites. Please remember that once posted online it is impossible to know who views, saves, modifies or redistributes these images.

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Communication & Security

How would you like links and other communications delivered to you?

Special Instructions

If you have any special instructions regarding the treatment and sharing of these images, please list them here.

Release Validity

This release can be valid for this shoot only, or for this and every future shoot for this year (so you don't have to fill this form every time).

Behind the Scenes

ometimes NFG will release images from behind the scenes of our shoot. Outtakes, candid moments, before and after images showing off his editing prowess, and so on.

Creative Commons

NFG believes in a sharing culture, and so releases some images under a Creative Commons BY/NC license. In short, this means that the images we have created may be modified, shared, painted on, used for reference, sketched, or basically anything of a non-commercial nature, by anyone, without asking for specific permission first.

For more details, see https://nfgphoto.com/cca


Any images you receive from our photo session(s) are yours to keep and use, share and edit, without restriction. When sharing edited images, a credit to NFG or NFGphoto would be awesome but is not required. When sharing proofs, the image must not be cropped to remove the 'unedited' text unless the image description states the image is unedited.


♦ I hereby grant Lawrence Wright (aka NFG, aka NFGphoto), his agents, and anyone acting with his permission, the right to use, share and publish these images as indicated above. In addition, I grant permission for these images to be used as content or for promotion of NFGphoto products and services. No other commercial usage rights are hereby granted, and such rights will require my additional permission.

♦ I understand that these images may be modified and edited, and that I may not see or be asked to approve the image before it is released or viewed by other parties.

♦ I agree that NFG will not be liable for any harm or damages resulting from the release or loss of my images, intentional or otherwise, including but not limited to accidental release or sharing, theft, loss or hardware failure.

♦ I understand and agree that any digital images given to me will comprise the entirety of any compensation I may recieve, and that no additional compensation will be forthcoming, under any circumstances.

♦ I hereby warrant that I am of full legal age and have the right to contract in my own name.

♦ I have read this entire release, prior to its execution, and I am fully familiar with and understand the contents thereof. This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns.

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